Perry Austin – August 24-26, 2015

Sometimes the joy of painting just gets buried under life’s grand to-do list.  Perry Austin’s workshop is uplifting to any of that lagging sense of fun.  Three days devoted to you and your paints, introduction of simple and pertinent nuggets, and one-on-one instruction, move your seeing and painting abilities out of the habitual and on to exciting new territory.

The workshop is open to all skill levels.  The fee, paid directly to the artist, is $125/day for a total of $375.  It is not necessary to be a guest at The Greenbrier, but it is convenient.  The day begins at 9:30am in the West Virginia Room and runs to about 4:30pm with a break for lunch.  To sign up or for more information, call Nancy Marshall at (304)520-1221, or email

John Poon – September 8-11, 2015

John Poon teaches what I went to Art School (for years) to learn and never was taught.  This 4 day workshop is organized to strengthen the foundations of your painting.  How does value work in the landscape?  What happens to color as we move from light to shadow, from morning to evening?  What makes good design?  It’s not about rules, but it is about the tried and true of painting.

9:30 lecture in the morning with lots of visuals, painting, John’s demo, more painting until about 4:30.  One-on-one teaching time throughout the day.  The workshop is open to all skill levels.  The fee is $125/day, paid directly to the artist, for a total of $500.  A stay at The Greenbrier is not required, but it does make things simple.  Please call me, Nancy Marshall at 304-520-1221 or email me to sign up or to get more information.

Right now, it looks like students will get the best room rate by reserving online at

There’s nothing like learning from a master.  There are fine painters out there now, who are not only gifted teachers but also come to The Greenbrier to teach. Walls Gallery is not a fan of paint-like-me teachers, because painting like someone else will never let you rise to your own best. We look for artist-teachers who, all day long, hand out useful information that improves our vision, understanding, and ability, information that they, themselves, have taken years to grab hold of.  Learning, whether we like it or not, goes on all our lives.  We never arrive at the horizon, and our eyes may always see more than our hands can achieve.  3, 4, or 5 days with John Poon, Randy Sexton, Perry Austin, and others, provide a sturdy ladder to your next level.

“To say ‘I know’ is to say ‘I stop here.'” – Unknown Smart Person (who probably painted)

We have an EMAIL list just for workshops.  Email is our only means of reaching out to you for workshops.  Please let us know if you would like to be informed.

The entire workshop fee goes to the artist.  Fees run around $125 – $150 per day, depending on the artist.  Workshops are set up for a certain number of days, according to how the artist-teacher designs his course, so a 5-day workshop with an artist who charges $125 would be $625, whether the student is there for 2 days or all 5.  To insure that the artists are paid appropriately, I have been collecting checks that are made out to the artist for the full amount of the class at sign-up.  When the artist arrives to teach his workshop, I hand him the checks. Done.

Staying at The Greenbrier is not required, but it sure is convenient.  For past workshops, we had been provided special workshop room rates, and we may still be able to do that.  Right now, it looks like students could get a better rate than I can by reserving online at  We’ll see how that goes.

I am Nancy.  You can email me HERE.  You can call me at (304) 520-1221.  If I don’t answer, please leave a message and I will get back to you.  If you don’t get through at all, I’m probably out of cell range (mountains are like that), please try back later.

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