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Walls Gallery, Robert Isley, Walls Fine Art Gallery, Savannah, Wilmington art galleries, fine art,“Drawing and painting have always played an important role in my life. First, by providing me a way of experiencing the world and finding my own place within it, and secondly, by giving me a means of expressing to others those things that have most profoundly impressed me. My  process involves finding those objects, scenes, or lighting conditions that most perfectly resonate with an inner feeling or mood. It is an attempt to experience the object or scene directly, in and for itself, and then through painting, to communicate that experience as simply and straight-forwardly as possible.”

Robert Isley was born in Montgomery, AL. After receiving numerous scholarships and attending the prestigious Yale University summer session, he graduated with honors in 1983 from Atlanta College of Art. He lives in Savannah and has been a full-time artist since 1990. Isley exhibits extensively in the Southeast and has had his work in numerous juried and invitational shows.

Robert’s paintings are mostly small – jewels, made of the many things ubiquitous to modern American life.  A refrigerator with family photos and calendars, a laundry room just prior to laundry day, cars parked under a street light.  With eyes that see the common with delight, Robert translates our world of traffic, pizza night, and trash day into  well-ordered beauty.  We are allowed to share those simple homely memories, re-experiencing those moments we once let pass us by,  with the refreshed air of nostalgia.

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