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Larry Moore is a quick-witted conversationalist who tells great stories while being a humble, perceptive, and perpetual student of art.

Whether painting around other artists in the warehouse of studios near his Florida home or taking in six New York museums in two days, Larry is open to receive any information that might make the next painting better.  Great proficiency usually comes from a willingness to learn, but rare is the painter who achieves that proficiency and yet maintains the thirst of the beginner.  It has been said that even minor success can be the undoing of an artist – he can become complacent when his bills are regularly being paid on time.  Larry’s many successes and awards, from both his illustration and fine art careers, have not deterred him from pursuing the better painting, everyday.

As a teacher, Larry talks about “thinking with paint” and “finding your voice in paint”.  Over the 35 plus years Larry has been painting, he has continually added to his skills in technique, vision, understanding, and communication.  His paintings become even fuller, richer with every addition.  Larry has been teaching in a workshop format for over 18 years which has given him the opportunity to pass along his ever-growing painting/art knowledge – especially the part about passion and hard work.

“The voice of the artist comes from these things: color, shape, edge, brush work, composition and concept. It’s the individual voice of the artist that separates him/her from the rest.”

Larry’s purpose in painting is at least one part preservation. “Today, our beautiful planet is taking a beating through overdevelopment and abuse. I try to capture the grandeur of nature – to create reminders of peace and beauty. It’s my way of making a statement against destruction.”  Growing up in Florida, Larry is very aware of the changes from the old pre-space-program Cocoa Beach and the nascent east coast surf culture to present-day I-95 and Disney World. With the changes in the Florida landscape came the Orlando Opera Company for whom Larry produced a series of award-winning images which were the subject of an article in Pastel Magazine (June 2008) and are the subject of Larry’s new book, Poster and Process, which you can find out about at HERE. Larry writes a terrific BLOG  focused on painting, its processes, pitfalls, and successes. . . Click for press coverage of Larry Moore.


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Q&A with Larry: Q) How long to does it take to learn to draw good (sic)? A) About the same amount of time it takes to become a concert pianist or a heart surgeon. It’s not rocket science but it ain’t easy. Q) I want to paint like Scott Christensen (or insert name), how do I do that? A1) Take a number. A2) You can’t. Why not paint like you. Better to be a first rate you than a second rate somebody else. A3) Hire a Chinese rip-off company to do it for you… you’ll save on therapy. Q) Do you have a favorite medium? A) I like Madam Gharza in Casadega, she gets it right at least half the time.

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