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gennady-139Gennadi (Gary) Kirichansky (born 1962, Ukraine, USSR) was trained in the Monumental Sculpture department at the Stroganovsky Art University of Moscow, Russia.  He immigrated to the US in 1992 with his wife, also a Stroganovsky graduate, and young son, establishing a studio in New York City.  His works include a 15′ bronze World War II Memorial in Russia, a 10′ Saint Thomas in marble and a life-size bronze of Pope John Paul II, both in New York.  Gennadi is commissioned for numerous portraits in both bronze and marble.  He participates in National Sculpture Society exhibitions.  His work was included in the 2011 show “Facets of the Figure” at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“Kirichansky could be considered an anachronism in the contemporary art world, where the model for success seems to reward artists for outsourcing the production of the work to a team of studio assistants.  His process is long and laborious but ultimately rewarding, resulting in a palpable strength in the final artwork, evident when you lay your hand on the cool marble or bronze surface.” – excerpted the catalog for “Facets of the Figure”

The marble comes from the same quarry as that used for the Lincoln Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Yule Quarry in Colorado.  Before a sculpture comes to life in stone, Gennadi works up models in clay or plaster.  Some pieces are to be bronze from the first hint of an idea, and they  more exactly resemble nature.  The idea that will eventually take form in marble responds to the material, often with an abstracted fullness.


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