David Leadman

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David LeadmanDavid’s perception of beauty originates in the Middle East of the 1960’s and the woods and wildlife of his native West Virginia. A serendipitous word from a Marshall University professor relieved David of the self-imposed requirement of a college degree and opened doors to full-time pursuit of the arts.

Keys to all the studios meant 24 hour access to weaving, ceramics, printmaking, and painting. Settling down to an undying love of oils took years.

A man of detail and precision, his tools are surprisingly unorthodox: razor blade, playing card, and sand paper. Each painting is woven, several layers exposed or hidden as the composition warrants.

David’s work has an over-all elegance that is never by accident. Paintings that in a reduced scale appear whimsical possess the purposeful richness of subtle color, varying line treatment, and restrained texture. CLICK for press coverage of David Leadman.



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