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Cameron Smith, Walls Fine Art Gallery, TheGreenbrier, Jim Justice, West Virginia, Catholic Art, North Carolina Artist, White Sulphur Springs, Lewisburg, coolest small townCameron Smith has loved to paint as long as he can remember, and has been talented since birth, for, even as a kinder-gardener, his teacher called him an artist.

A graduate of NCSU School of Design in 1994, Cameron was attracted to many of the creative fields, but focused on oil painting his last year of college in an independent study. He has pursued painting ever since with a never-waning passion and pleasure, forever learning and growing.

“The more I paint and search for beauty, the more I find the beauty all around. It is an honest beauty, not so polished. I find a sense of peace in it.”

Painting is second only to family for Cameron. Being a husband and father of four kids is his greatest joy and his greatest love, and he draws his artistic inspiration and motivation from his family. Kristen, Cameron’s wife, is his partner, supporter, and trusted art critic, and she is often called upon for her keen judgment.

The core of Cameron is his faith, and it is what has kept his commitment to painting unwavering through times when it seemed financially uncertain or impractical. Cameron sees the artistic process as an interplay with the Holy Spirit, and his subjects are those that tap into something deep within and reflect the beauty of creation, or the human condition.

Cameron first moved to Wilmington with his family in 1983 at the age of thirteen. He fondly remembers childhood summer nights sleeping under the stars on the lawn furniture cushions in the backyard. He grew up surfing, canoeing, and hiking the North Carolina landscape and now finds the challenges of painting outdoors to be one of the most intimate and rewarding ways to experience nature. His paintings naturally and poetically feature the architecture, atmosphere, and lifestyle of the South which is his home.

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