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bauer (8)Ben Bauer’s deep roots in the landscape of forests and high plains in the upper midwest are the source of his commitment to “recording a natural history” in his paintings. Like many people who have witnessed the continuing depletion of open land in once-pristine regions, Bauer is acutely aware of how quickly ecosystems can be damaged or destroyed; and how easily that loss can be justified under the auspices of economic development.
Born in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1980, Bauer grew up in a family that introduced him to the pleasures of outdoor living, whether enjoying a summer weekend in the countryside or participating in annual duck-hunting expeditions. The sense of camaraderie among the men in his family as they tramped through river valleys and wetlands provided the younger boys, including Bauer, with both an education in the natural world and a personal awareness of the cycles of each season. Seen from this intimate perspective, the shift from spring to summer reveals a gradual unfolding, just as the tonal shifts from white to grey and brown in a winter landscape can only be understood when studied over time.
This ultimately led him to an art major at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, where he majored in painting. Although he was not overly impressed by what was then considered fashionable painting at the University, Bauer was introduced to a variety of technical and intellectual fields that would benefit him as an artist in the future. In addition, two of his professors, Tamara Brantmeier and Charles Lume, were especially instrumental in guiding Bauer to develop his own style.
Bauer’s work continues to evolve as he explores the imagery of the landscapes around him. A primary objective remains the preservation of these landscapes, whether it is a prairie restoration or the creation of land stewardship trusts to protect existing farmland from development. Because of this profound awareness of the land, Bauer’s paintings capture a strong sense of place, whether it is early spring along Elmo Creek or the vast horizon of a winter wheat field. Most recently, his oil paintings have also become studies in what he describes as “ever-changing and temperamental oil paint.” These works are further explorations in the nature of his medium, as well as reflections of the transitory qualities of seasonal cycles.*

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