Oil Painters of America

2010 Eastern Regional

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Marci Oleszkiewicz - "Sensitive Beauty", 10x8, $950

Marci Oleszkiewicz SOLD

Jonathan McPhillips - "Rough Point", 9x12, $800

Jonathan McPhillips

Chuck Larivey - "Prussian Moon on the James from Belle Isle", 20x24, $2150

Chuck Larivey

Shi Zhong Yan - "Having a Milk Tea", 24x20, $5800

Shi Zhong Yan

Mica Pillemer - "Through the Door", 20x30, $2700

Mica Pillemer

Beth Parcell-Evans - "Zest for Hunting", 22x28, $4800

Beth Parcell-Evans

Terry Trambauer Norris - "Sweet Potatoes and Beets", 20x24, $6500

Terry Trambauer Norris

John Menck - "Snow on Radnor Lake", 9x12, $800

Kevin Menck SOLD

Diane Hynes - "Maiden Model", 24x18, $3800

Diane Hynes

Xiao Jiang - "Boat Place", 12x10, $2500

Xiao Jiang

Michael Ranucci - "Stillife with Beanpot, Book and Vase", 16x20, $2500

Michael Ranucci

Kami Mendlik-Polzin - "Beaver Dam Island Reflection", 24x18, $2600

Kami Mendlick-Polzin



Taaron Parsons - "Cellist", 20x16, $1000

Taaron Parsons

Gail Morrison - "Hidden History", 30x36, $4200

Gail Morrison

Charles Young Walls

Jerry Smith - "Summer Grazing", 24x30, $3000

Jerry Smith SOLD

Sam Vokey - "Winter Twilight", 16x20, $5200

Sam Vokey

Mary Qian - "Misrak", 12x9, $800

Mary Qian SOLD

Yan Sun - "Boats at the Harbor", 24x36, $3600

Yan Sun

Richard Laurent - "Meadowlands", 12x24, $1800

Richard Laurent

Suzanne Hughes Sullivan - "Deux", 12x16, $1600

Suzanne Hughes Sullivan SOLD

Frederick Somers - "Ordinary Wonders", 16x20, $2950

Fredrick Somers

James Swanson - "London Town", 16x20, $3500

James Swanson

Carol Reesor, "Scene of Otter Creek", 20x24, $2000

Carol Reesor



Tanya Harsch

Diana K. Gibson

Laura Den Hertog

Bruce Gherman SOLD


Blanche McAlister Harris SOLD

Lyndia Green  SOLD

Stuart Fullerton SOLD

Ken DeWaard


Glenn Harrington

Chris Griffin Woods

Fred Doloresco

Sue Foell



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