OPA – 2010

Oil Painters of America
2010 Eastern Regional Juried Exhibition
October / November 2010

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Masters1-12, 13-24, 25-36,  37-48,  49-60,  61-72,  73-84,  85-99

The paintings have left the gallery and arrived at their new homes, but we thought such a beautiful show still deserved to be seen.  So although the paintings are – for the most part – no longer in Wilmington, you can still enjoy them here.  If you missed the “live” viewing, you missed a lot.  The next Exhibition of Oil Painters of America will open June 10th at Devin Galleries in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  Charles Movalli will be giving TWO talks out in Idaho – that, right there, is worth the trip!


Walls Fine Art Gallery was selected as the host for the 2010 Eastern Regional.  All artists who work in oils from theEastern Region were invited to join OPA and submit up to two paintings.

We are proud to have had the following Master Signature Members participating in the exhibition: Kevin MacPherson, Warren Chang, C.W. MundyDavid Hettinger, and Nancy S. Crookson, Zhiwei Tu,  Joyce Pike,  Jeff Legg, and OPA President Neil Patterson.

Oil Painters of America (OPA) is a not-for-profit organization representing more than 3,200artists throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Founded in 1991,OPA is dedicated to preserving and promoting excellence in representational art. Its primary focus is to draw attention to the lasting value of fine drawing, color, composition and the appreciation of light.

The mission of OPA is to advance the cause of traditional,  representational fine art by providing a forum in which artists can display their art in regional and national competitions.  In addition, the organization is committed to providing educational opportunities to its members through its newsletter, critique program, scholarships, workshops, seminars, and demonstrations by today’s masters.

Oil Painters of America is headquartered outside of Chicago in Crystal Lake,Illinois. With a small, yet dedicated team of professionals (Three cheers for Katheryn!!), the OPA staff strives for excellence as it continues to work towards the goals and objectives set forth by the OPA Board of Directors and its members.

Click Here for Images from Finalists


Award Winners

Kevin Beilfuss - "What Dreams May Come", 24x36, 4000Kevin Beilfuss
Gold Medal Winner
Timur Akhriev - "Silence", 18x36, 5500 Silver Medal WinnerTimur Akhriev
Silver Medal Winner
Yan Sun - "Boats at the Harbor", 24x36, $3600Yan Sun OPA
Bronze Medal Winner
Cameron Smith - "A Moments Rest", 20x35, $7200Cameron Smith
Award of Excellence
Michael Dudash
Award of Excellence
Daud Akhriev - "Herd", 24x30, 12,000Daud Akhriev
Award of Excellence
Xiao Jiang - "Boat Place", 12x10, $2500Xiao S. Jiang
Award of Excellence
Kevin McPherson OPAM

Gold Medal Winner
Master Signature Division


OPA 2010 Video

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