The Greenbrier, America’s Resort

West Virginia - The Greenbrier State Forest The Greenbrier - The North Entrance
This is West Virginia: fishing, forests, family and friends…………. This is West Virginia, too.

Welcome to The Greenbrier

You may have thought that West Virginia was the height of rustic – and of course, you’re right.  Partly right, that is.  It’s about time you were introduced to “America’s Resort” – The Greenbrier.

early morning at The Presidents' Museum at The Greenbrier

The Greenbrier is over 230 years old and has aged in that magnificent way reserved for much loved places.  Thousands of acres of deep-rooted luxury tucked into the woods and mountains of southeastern West Virginia.  The Greenbrier was born as a health spa centering around the waters of the White Sulphur Springs – and relaxation.  The resort grew in prestige during the reign of the railroad magnates, serving ever more of the elegant, powerful, elite, and famous.  With over 700 rooms, history, horses, and an authentically gracious and dutiful staff, The Greenbrier is a five star resort on a very big scale.

looking from Artisan Row to the Spring house at The Greenbrier

Did I leave out golf?  You already knew about The Greenbrier Classic, didn’t you.  Fishing?  Take your pick: genteel fly fishing on grounds in Howard Creek or rough and ready native trout fishing – if you’re really nice to the locals.


The Greenbrier - Walls Fine Art Gallery Paradise Row at The Greeenbrier
The morning walking to work at The Greenbrier.  Life is tough.…. Paradise Row at The Greenbrier, built in 1832

The Greenbrier is the new home of Walls Fine Art Gallery, too.  David and I look forward to seeing you at the Artists’ Colony on Alabama Row.

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