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October 24 to November 1, 2015
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Q “Are these all local artists?”
A “They are all local somewhere.”

Featured Artist:
TM Nicholas

Here is a short interview...

Bill and TM 322 2014
Q: As the son of the noted artist, Tom Nicholas, you were brought up around artists and art. As a well-known artist and a father yourself, how have you dealt with art and art education with your children?
A: As far as an Art Education for my children I have tried to expose my children to Art without pushing them into it. It’s very important to me that they all have a deep appreciation of it.

Q: You are often called one of the best living traditional New England style painters, this being so, how much does history influence you, and how do you keep your artistic practice moving forward?
A: I tried to learn from the artists that came before me. Their work habits, attention to form. Light and color are lessons I’ve tried to learn. Study can give you the fundamentals but after that you must make your own personal decisions about nature and what you see.

Q: You are an incredibly talented artist, but seem to have special skills when it comes to your use of light, color, and movement in your paintings – what did/do you focus on to reach your level of expertise?
A: To focus on light and color I often think about composition and scale. The relationships of color and light come after those things are established. Abstract shapes of light and shadow and their uneven balances.

Q: When on location and gathering information for a painting, what are the primary things you pay attention to?
A: The primary things I look for from a location are things like composition and values, but above all, a place or subject that stirs me.

Q: How do you decide a piece is done? Do you have rules you set to prevent yourself from overworking a painting?
A: I call a picture done when I have totally expressed my idea. Attention to picture harmony is what I try to see through to the end.

Q: You are a very prolific artist – what keeps you inspired/motivated?
A: I am inspired because I love to paint! And my family helps keep me grounded and motivated.

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? Artistic or otherwise?
A: The best Advice I was given was told to me when I was young was from Millard Sheets: “Fill your head with the best”, the best Art, Music etc.


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