Snow for Thanksgiving

Holly Berries

Stapleton Kearns - "Winter Barns", 18x24

Stapleton Kearns – “Winter Barns”, 18×24

Roger Dale Brown - "First Snow, WV" 24x30

Roger Dale Brown – “First Snow, WV” 24×30

Cameron Smith - "Cooking with Gas", 36x36

Cameron Smith – “Cooking with Gas”, 36×36

Charles Movalli - "First Light", 36x36

Charles Movalli – “First Light”, 36×36

Nicholai Dubavik - "Winter Trees"

Nicholai Dubavik – “Winter Trees”

Theodore Valenkamph - "New Snow", 12x16

Theodore Valenkamph – “New Snow”, 12×16



Greenbrier Fine Art Week 2014
Participating Artists Included:

Perry Austin

Roger Dale Brown

Charles Movalli

John Poon

Dale Ratcliff

Larry Moore

Stapleton Kearns

William Maughan

Randall Sexton

Robert Isley

Gil Dellinger

TM Nicholas

Keven Mcpherson

Cameron Smith

Steve Doherty